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Usually, such unwanted situation arises due to reasons like hardware issue, corrupted Outlook installation files or even damaged Outlook data files. In addition, such situation also arises due to a conflict between Outlook and a 3rd party Outlook add-in. Just in case you are working on MS Outlook 2013 or even its previous versions, the here are few suggestions that can be taken care of in order to overcome from such circumstances:

  1. Ensure to have the latest Office / Outlook updates applied on your Outlook 2013 installation
  2. Run MS Outlook with the /firstrun switch
  3. Make the right use of the ScanPST tool in order to cross examine Outlook data files for integrity errors.
  4. Utilize the Microsoft online Outlook Product Stability Diagnostics Tool to examine the Microsoft support for alike subjects and solutions.
  5. Just in case if the MS Outlook is running slow, utilize Weight Diet for Outlook to clean up Outlook of outdated items and improve your data files. (Weight Diet is an Outlook add-in that assists you mechanically clean up Outlook by enhancing your Outlook email folders and Outlook data files.)

Apart from these, you may also disable the faulty add-in. To disable a faulty add-in in Outlook 2010 and 2013, follow File tab > Options > Add-ins > Go. Simply uncheck the add-in you want to disable, and exit the dialog box.

Eduardo Son . 4th May 2017

If your Outlook application has stopped responding and “Processing”, you can close Outlook, the message appears on the screen too frequently, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Exit Outlook.
  2. Launch Outlook in safe mode by typing Outlook.exe /safe command.
  3. Exit safe mode and restart Outlook normally.

If the issue still persists, makes sure:

  1. No dialog box is lying open.
  2. Your Outlook application isn’t working on long processes like performing the move and delete operation simultaneously.
  3. You have installed all the latest updates of Windows as well as Office.

If installing updates don’t work, you can proceed with the repair of Office programs, and then Outlook data files. Lastly, you can create a completely new user profile. If the new profile works smoothly, delete the old profile to avoid conflicts.

James James . 16th Mar 2017
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